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Wing Kei Care Centres

If this is your first time hearing about Wing Kei,

we are so excited you're here! 

Wing Kei exists to create nurturing communities where seniors find social connection, emotional fulfillment, belonging, and safety as their health and personal care needs change.

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3 facilities

(and counting!)



64 Clients
Adult Day Program

Our high-quality care is rooted in our mission to love and embrace seniors, emphasizing their independence to make decisions for themselves. Knowing that as we age and experience cognitive and physical challenges, we often seek what is most comfortable to us.


Our culturally-sensitive care recognizes the importance of surrounding seniors with what they know: languages they speak and understand, food that tastes and smells familiar, activities that create new memories and touch on the past.


Our organizational culture invites, encourages, and celebrates collaboration. Residents and their families are an integral part of the care team. And each of us from support services to the clinical team and administrators to volunteers know that our work is centred on caring for residents and each other.


Wing Kei Village will be a thriving intergenerational community that enables seniors to live life fully, grounded in an unwavering mission to create communities where love flourishes and where everyone experiences moments of joy each day. Incorporating a range of complex and continuing care, independent living, and residential apartments for seniors, Wing Kei Village will offer high quality care and programs in a high-tech environment that will adapt to meet the changing needs of the people who call the community home.


Located in Calgary and built in three phases, Wing Kei Village will ultimately be a space where people of varying cultural backgrounds and ages will create a dynamic, energizing, and relationship-oriented community, one where the notion of diversity is embraced as a strength and where people laugh, cry, play, sing, commiserate, and celebrate together. Building such a community requires deliberate intention and the support of enthusiastic partners, friends, and supporters who believe in our mission and recognize the enormous privilege of journeying with seniors as their needs change.


All funds raised at the 2023 Walk for Wing Kei will be invested into the planning and development of Wing Kei Village.

Wing Kei Village
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