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About the Walk

What is a virtual walk?

A virtual walkathon means that you can choose where, when, and how you would like to join our cause. You are encouraged to walk or run in your unique way while remaining compliant with social distancing guidelines anytime from our launch on April 12 until June 26, 2021 where we will come together online for a celebration ceremony. In short, a virtual walk has just five (social distancing friendly) steps: 1. Register your commitment 2. Invite friends and family to participate 3. Collect your pledges 4. Complete your commitment 5. Celebrate with us online! Come back to our website for our Official Online Walkathon Ceremony on June 26, 2021.
For more details, read our easy 'How to Register & Participate' here.

Why did the walk become virtual?

The health and safety of the senior community is of the utmost importance to Wing Kei. Due to the continued COVID-19 pandemic, we have made the decision to host a virtual walkathon this year.

Can I still fundraise?

Yes! We encourage all walkers to use your online fundraising page to collect donations. For those who have not registered yet, you can register and create an online fundraising page until June 26th.

When am I supposed to walk?

You can walk anytime and at your own pace! This may look like a goal to walk 20 minutes each day or 5KM from now until June 26th. Alternatively, you can find other activities to replace walking as your personal goal. See more ideas here. While you can choose to walk on June 26th (in compliance with social distancing guidelines), there will not be an official physical walk this year.

Where am I supposed to walk?

You can walk wherever you choose! Whether that be in your neighborhood, backyard, or even in your living room! We encourage you to get creative and share your unique walking goals with your friends and family.
You can see some examples of how to participate here.

Registration & Donations

How can I register?

Please refer to our guide to participant registration.

Where can I donate?

You can make an online donation by clicking the “ Donate” button on the top of our webpage. You can either make a general donation to the walk or search for a team or a walker and donate directly to them! See a detailed instruction guide here.

What forms of donation will you accept?

Due to current circumstances, donations can be made through our CanadaHelps portal which accepts Credit Card, PayPal, and CanadaHelps Gift Cards. Please make an effort to encourage online donations to keep our seniors safe! We are more than happy to guide you through the process, please contact us for additional assistance. If you cannot donate online, please see alternative options here.

How will the money raised be used?

Money raised will go towards our Wing Kei Village Capital Campaign project. We are setting out to raise $200,000 and anticipate $10,000 in expenses.

What should I do with the money I have collected?

We encourage all donations be made online. If you have collected any physical payments, please complete the details on our Offline Pledge Form and mail them to Wing Kei Village (4120 Centre Street NE, Calgary, AB T2E 2Y7) by July 24th, 2021.

Will I or my sponsors receive a tax receipt?

Tax receipts will be issued for donations of $25 or more. Online Donations: You will have received a tax receipt to your email and can also access it by logging into your CanadaHelps account. Offline Donations: We will be issuing tax receipts in August for any cash or cheque donations. Please contact us at for any questions.

Is my personal information secure?

All our online donations are processed through Canadahelps. CanadaHelps protects your information with the highest-level PCI-compliance, including ‘Transport Layer Security’ when using the donation form. Donation forms completed from our website continue to reside on As a result, security level provided by CanadaHelps for the Donate Now button option and donation form is identical and never compromised. Information collected through our contact form is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption and will only be used for event inquiries.

What if the person I'm donating to does not have an online participant page?

If the person you're sponsoring would like all pledges to count towards our prize draws but does not have an online profile, please include their name in the "Add a Message of Support" field for our records. For example: I'm donating this on behalf of Jane Doe! Go Wing Kei! If this is not their preference, you can donate to the general Walk and no attribution is required.

Can I donate from outside of Canada?

CanadaHelps accepts international donations, but the donations will always be processed in Canadian currency. For example, if you donate $50, your card will be charged 50 canadian dollars, and your financial institution will make the conversion to your local currency, based on the current exchange rate.



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