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Scroll down to see if you may be one of the few lucky prize winners!

Top 3 Individuals With The Highest Amount Raised

Currently Leading

First Place

$125 food coupons

Annie Lei ($13,041.10)

Second Place

$100 in food coupons

Walter Yu ($10,046.00)

Third Place

$75 in food coupons

Chiu Chow ($3,300)

Top 3 Individual

First 100 Registrants

Treat yourself with $10 food coupon!

First 100 spots filled! 

First 100

First 5 Teams to 30 People

Take your team out for lunch with $30 food coupon!

Team #1

Greenview Long-Term Care 

Nursing Team

Team #4

SCCEFC Tai Chi Group

Team #2

Greenview Supportive Living 

Nursing Team

Team #5

Calgary Chinese Oratorio Society

Team #3

Amazing Tour

First 5 to 30

First Team With 100 People

Celebrate with $100 food coupons!

Galaxy Performing Arts Society

First 5 Participants to Reach $1000

Wow! Thank you for your phenomenal support!
Enjoy your extra food coupons (alone or with friends)!

Walter Yu

Olive Mah

Annie Lei

Jenny Lau

Clara Tsang

First Team to 100
First 5 to $1000
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