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How it Works: Text

1. Register your commitment

Register as either an individual walker or with a team and set up your fundraiser page.

  • Enter your information and create a CanadaHelps account (If you would like to join a team, make sure to select "Join a team" before creating your account). 

  • Join this year's in-person walkathon on June 22, 2024. 

  • Customize your personal fundraiser page by choosing a catchy fundraiser page name, sharing why or whom you are walking for, your commitment, and your fundraising goal. 

Need more detailed instructions? 

While online registration is preferred, we also offer offline registration as a secondary option. 

2. Invite your friends and family to participate

Share your unique goal with your family and friends to encourage them to join this year's Walkathon or donate to you! Your donors can find your name/team name on the Donation Form or donate via your personal fundraising page. 

We have many online & offline tools to help you share your walk this year in our Fundraising Toolkit

3. Collect your pledges

We want to keep our seniors safe and encourage that all donations be made online on our donation page. For exceptions, read more here

Do your supporters have questions on how they can donate to your page? Find support here.


Make a donation to yourself.

Those who self-donate raise almost 10x more than those who don't.

It will show your supporters that you are serious about your goal. 

4. Complete your goal

Participate in the in-person walkathon and the Celebration Ceremony on June 22, 2024! 

5. Tune in online for our Walkathon and Celebration Ceremony on June 22nd

We will be broadcasting our walkathon and official ceremony here on this website on June 22, 2024. If you can only join virtually, tune in to see amazing performances, hear from our sponsors, and much more. More details to come.

How to Register & Participate

Other Registration Options 

 Online registration is the preferred and primary way to register this year. If you are unfamiliar with online registrations & payments, we have real-time assistance available and resources for loved ones to help you participate.


However, we understand that some participants may have to register via offline methods. You can register as an individual or team member using our offline package.


For Team Leaders who prefer offline registration, please contact us

Other Registration Options



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